Luca Pagliaro

A conscious senior front-end developer

💼 Consultant, available for projects

🙋🏻 About me

What I do

I'm specialist working with JavaScript TypeScript, WordPress, and love build usable and accessibile websites. 

Luca Pagliaro - What I do
Finding quality

I'm in love with releasing quality digital products. study daily in order to improve my code quality. 

Luca Pagliaro - Finding quality
Teaching & events

love learning, local communities and meetups that often attend also as speaker/teacher. 

Luca Pagliaro - Teaching & events
👨🏻‍💻 Resume

Front-end teacher & coach

Teacher and coach for many companies, tutoring people with different backgrounds with the aim of training front-end developers able to build interfaces.
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Senior front-end developer

Currently working as a consultant senior developer. Projects that I worked on:
• E-commerce front-end with React / Next.js / TypeScript;
• Travel related web application, with complex search, in Angular / TypeScript / RxJS;
• Various WordPress themes (custom) and plugins (ex: TypeForm integration).
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The Wave Studio

Lead Web Developer

I worked on the agency's highest impact projects, when the technological challenge required excellent executive skills, in-depth knowledge of the development area and the involvement of various figures. I managed the web team on multiple projects and performed code reviews. I was also in charge of the hiring process and onboarding.
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Senior front-end developer

Developed and maintained the startup's web/desktop applications in Angular,Vue.js and Electron. Applying all the good rules of web development such as client-side cache (also via database in browser), skeleton, accessibility.
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Founder & CTO

Worked on a web scraper, for the main food review platforms, that could (through a NLP algorithm) understand which aspects of a place the customers liked. Also developed landing, web and mobile platforms using cross-platform technology and took care of the architecture on MS Azure platform.
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Front-end developer & UI Designer

Involved in the remaking of the LovePedia portal, I had to re-design the UI of the platform and develop it in its entirety.
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WordPress developer

Worked on the development of themes and plugins for YITH and Envato, took care of the management of multilanguage compatibility, provided remote assistance to customers.
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